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Spurs unveil new Statement Edition Jersey honoring team’s Texas history

A Mexican blanket pattern on the side and the new SATX logo highlights the team’s Texas heritage.

The Spurs have released another round alternate uniforms. After recently releasing new Classic Editions in the old George Gervin-era style to honor their upcoming 50th Anniversary season, now they have released their new Statement Edition uniforms meant to honor the team’s history in the state of Texas.

Per the Spurs official press release:

“Our new Statement Edition uniform embodies the evolution of our team’s roots while celebrating fans across the entire region,” said Becky Kimbro, VP of Brand Engagement for Spurs Sports & Entertainment. “Through the intricate serape pattern, we’re blending our 50-year legacy with our vibrant culture that we celebrate on and off the court.”

Down its sides, the uniform features modern patterns inspired from traditional Mexican serapes and saddle blankets. The Spurs new “SATX” wordmark is stitched across the jersey chest with the iconic Jordan Brand Jumpman logo on the right shoulder and the Self patch on the left. On the jersey’s back center is the NBA logo embellishment. The front right cuff of the uniform shorts highlights the Texas-shaped secondary logo.

The Spurs plan on sporting five uniforms this season, including their classic White Association and Black Icon uniforms, so that leaves the City Editions, which will be unveiled later this year. Rumor has it they will be going all in on the Fiesta theme, maybe even with teal uniforms. If that is the case, does this mean the grey uniforms they’ve been donning since 2012 — when Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green were the “youth” who were assigned with modeling them — are officially a thing of the past? If that is indeed the case, it seems appropriate to be moving on from a past era in a season where they truly are starting over and rebuilding from scratch.

Which is your favorite new uniform so far, and what you are anticipating from the City Editions?