Blake Wesley - WORK and BLESSED

Kens 5 did a really in depth piece on Blake Wesley. His and Malaki Branham's workout may have been the reason we traded DJM. Their workouts were done along with Dyson Daniels, Wendall Moore, and some others who were drafted. Reports are that Wesley and Branham were clearly the best on the floor. As a kid, one of Wesley's close friends was Jaden Ivey, someone he grew up playing one on one and learning to guard one on one. Wesley has blinding speed, is a better on ball defender than DJM and a pretty good rebounder - loves playing defense. In a dinner with Pop, Pop only emphasized that he needs to work on his offense - floater and finishing. He also can shoot and has the same drive to improve that we saw with DJM. In the end, Wesley could very well turn out to be DJM Improved. The article says the two most common words from Wesley are WORK and BLESSED. Blessed to be on the Spurs team and willing to WORK to get better. In the end, we may not miss DJM at all.

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