That was fun.

Fellow Spur's fans I am bummed. Last off season I was excited and ready to finally see the guys we had drafted and developed ,finally get to play major minutes and in major roles. Man it was a very fun team to watch. I have not enjoyed watching the Spurs so much since 2012 to 2014. (Maybe 2017 too)

The backocurt duo of White and Murray was a joy to watch on D. Big Jak making push shots and big blocks. KJ bully ball to the hoop and hitting treys, and Lonnie finally figuring it out. Devin, Trey, Josh, Collins, Landale, and even the little time with Sparty. That team was fun to watch and I engaged in fantasing about them growing together, adding some pieces, and end up winning it all, as a team that fought thier way to the top.

But poof, that dream is gone. Now I am left wondering what the heck we are about. Hoping to win the lottery? Drafting and developing guys, just to trade them away to start all over again, again, and again.?Just like the Kings, Magic, etc.YUCK!!!

Now I am worried when any of our guys' get good, as he will be next out the door. Are we supposed to root for losses this year? Hope Primo and Devin improve, but not enough to win games? I dont get it, do not approve of it, but as a Spurs fan I hope it works. Mean time DJ,DWhite, Lonnie , Landale , thanks for that season of pure fun.

Go Spurs Go!

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