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San Antonio Spurs Documentary, Episode 4: What Happened in 2018?

Part 4 of a 5-part Documentary Series on the San Antonio Spurs

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Welcome back Spurs Fans,

My name is Kyle Ledbetter, and I host/produce the Take It Easy Podcast with BLEAV. I also have the distinct honor of being able to write and produce this 5 Part Documentary Podcast Series on the San Antonio Spurs in Partnership with Pounding the Rock.

Episode 1 was a History of the Spurs Dynasty, from the 1987 and 1997 Draft Lotteries, through the first 4 Championships, and the Draft Day trade for Kawhi Leonard. You can listen to that Episode Here

Episode 2 was a discussion of the life and career of Gregg Popovich, where we heard stories from former coaches and players to get a picture of Popovich’s coaching and life outside of the Spurs. You can listen to that Episode Here.

Episode 3 was a dive into the life and career of Kawhi Leonard, and the Spurs Dynasty from 2014-2017. You can listen to that Episode Here

I recommend listening to the First 3 Episodes before listening to today’s new Episode. These 3 episodes are all written to set up the 4th Episode

On Episode 4 of the Fall of the Spurs Dynasty, we discuss anything and everything about the 2018 San Antonio Spurs Season.

We begin with the injury rehab process for Kawhi Leonard’s Right Quad Injury. Then, we discuss Kawhi Leonard’s fallout with Jordan Brand, and Uncle Dennis entering the picture as Kawhi’s business advisor. We discuss the confusion about Kawhi’s rehab in 2017, and the reasons for distrust between Spurs Doctors and Kawhi.

We discuss Kawhi’s brief return for 9 games, and the ESPN report that brought the fraying relationship between Leonard and the Spurs into the national consciousness. We discuss Kawhi’s trips to New York, his agent and his firm, and the weird period of “will he or won’t he” play.

We wrap up the show by detailing what exactly happened in the infamous players-only meeting. We then discuss dissenting comments from Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, and Bruce Brown, along with Kawhi’s emotional state with the entire process.

This is the longest and most detailed Episode of the series, so let me know your thoughts!!! This Episode was originally the story I wanted to tell when making the series!!!

Episode 5 will be released on Wednesday, July 27th, and episodes will be released every Wednesday through July. Looking ahead: here is a quick summary of the remaining episodes:

  • Episode 5 will discuss the Kawhi Leonard Trade, the DeMar DeRozan era, as well as the aftermath of the trade on the 4-year anniversary of Leonard’s trade. We also have our Final Closing remarks for the Podcast


Leave your comments, thoughts concerns, questions, opinions, and any other words you’d like to share!!!

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NOTE: There are times when I go back and forth between Kawhi’s two injuries, and I mess up my lefts and rights.... Kawhi had a Left Ankle Injury and a Right Quad Injury