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Dejounte Murray at the Las Vegas Summer League

The stars in Vegas have a new member

Seattle Storm v Las Vegas Aces Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Las Vegas Summer League is where the NBA stars of today come out see the up-and-coming roster of players to tomorrow. There are your LeBrons and Carmelos, but for Spurs fans, there was no bigger star last year than Dejounte Murray. Alas, he has been traded to the Atlanta Hawks in one of the Spurs biggest moves, setting themselves up for a full rebuild. Sideline reporter Chris Haynes got a few minutes with Hawks new All-Star guard and talked about the summer transition.

Chris Haynes: One of the biggest trades in the offseason going to the Atlanta Hawks...what was your reaction?

Dejounte Murray: My reaction and Pop already talked about, so there was really no big reaction, because I already knew what it was, Pop knew what it was, ‘cause that was our conversation. At the end of the day we all understand the business...I try to keep the same motto everyday — work hard, control what I control. I happen o be an Atlanta Hawk, and I’m excited.

CH: You knew the Spurs were going in a different direction and instead they didn’t want to waste your remaining prime years. They wanted to put you in a situation where you can actually have a chance to contend, why does that mean so much to you?

DJ: Well, first, I don’t even think I’m in my prime or that close to it, I just came back from injury. People don't realize that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Timing and everything. This is really a year — this past season — was a year where I was healthy and given the opportunity to go try to run a team and be a leader of a team. I’m a natural the end of the day, that’s the Spurs organization, they are first class. Me and Pop were in agreement, they wanted what was best for Dejounte. That’s something you’ve got to respect. I have a lot of respect for the organization, because I feel like that’s rare...sending me somewhere I wanted go at that, speaks volumes.

CH: Moving forward — Dejounte Murray, Trae Young in the backcourt...these are two ball dominant players. How’s that going to work? Tell us about what you and Trae envision.

DJ: Like I continue to say, it’s two dudes who work hard willing to learn the game no matter where we’re at in our careers. We’re hoopers we’re natural hoopers we’ll go play anywhere and fit in right away...I’m going to help them out. They are a great you team, well coached, they got their own little swagger, and I’m just going to fit in, I’m going to find a way to fit in, my game speaks for itself, and that’s in a humble way.

DJ: If you know me I just need a comfortable place to lay at and basketball court...I want to win in this league...I dedicate my whole life to it.

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