Should the Spurs enquire about Walker Kessler???

Just a quick thought....

Many Spurs fans, and many here on PtR were wanting the Spurs to choose Walker Kessler with one of the later picks - and were disappointed when the Wolves took him.

Fast forward a few weeks and Kessler was part of the Rudy Gobert trade package and his rights were shipped off to the Jazz. The Jazz promptly signed him to a rookie contract.

Now, the question is this....Should the Spurs enquire about obtaining Kessler - say at the cost of Poeltl - receiving Kessler and one of the Wolves picks back in return? However, Walker Kessler is not able to be traded until after Aug 8th 2022.

Walker Kessler would be a solid young piece that could grow alongside the current crop of young guns.

Having him in SA would also mean that another Walker is back on patrol in Texas.

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