A basic megadeal framework

Howdy yall. Just over here, casually obsessing about how the Spurs might use their draft capital and cap space to potentially facilitate megastars going from megateam to megateam. There are several which seem likely to happen, but the one I'm focused on right now is the potential of Kevin Durant going to Miami, ideally (for Miami) without losing Lowry or Butler.

This is what I've come up with..

The basic logic: Durant wants to go to Miami, fits next to Butler. The Spurs are either going to have to pay Jakob or find a replacement. Bam is an improvement, on a contract that is probably 5-10 million more per year than Jakob will get. Duncan Robinson is a young scorer on a reasonable contract and would be the Spurs biggest shooting guard. The Nets get a bunch of picks and significant cap relief, which they can use to quickly sign another superstar.

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