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San Antonio Spurs Documentary, Episode 3: Kawhi Leonard’s Story

Part 3 of a 5-part series discussing the rise and fall of the Spurs Dynasty

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On Episode 3, we examine the Spurs career of Kawhi Leonard and his early life in Southern California

Welcome back Spurs Fans,

My name is Kyle Ledbetter, and I host/produce the Take It Easy Podcast with BLEAV. I also have the distinct honor of being able to write and produce this 5 Part Documentary Podcast Series on the San Antonio Spurs in Partnership with Pounding the Rock.

Episode 1 was a History of the Spurs Dynasty, from the 1987 and 1997 Draft Lotteries, through the first 4 Championships, and the Draft Day trade for Kawhi Leonard. You can listen to that Episode Here

Last Week on Episode 2, we discussed the life and career of Gregg Popovich, hearing stories from former coaches and players to get a picture of Popovich’s coaching and life outside of the Spurs. You can listen to that Episode Here. Each of these episodes will make sense regardless of order. At the same time, the best experience comes from listening to Episodes 1 and 2 before starting on Episode 3.

This Week on Episode 3, it’s all about Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs Dynasty from 2014-2017. We discuss San Antonio’s growing rivalry with Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, along with Kawhi Leonard’s 2014 NBA Finals MVP.

We discuss Leonard’s childhood and High School years in Moreno Valley, California. We discuss Kawhi’s father, mother, and 4 older sisters, as well as introduce “Uncle Dennis” as a figure in this story. We also discuss Kawhi’s recruitment to San Diego State, and his time playing for Steve Fisher and SDSU. We also discuss his rivalry with Jimmer Fredette and I get to nerd out a bit over childhood memories, growing up in San Diego.

Finally, we discuss the signing of LaMarcus Aldridge, and the 67-win season for the 2016 Spurs, combined with the 40-1 Home Record that still stands as a record today. We discuss Kawhi’s 2nd and 3rd place MVP seasons, and the infamous Dion Waiters shove on Manu Ginobli. We discuss Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors for the 2017 season, and the Spurs' 61-win season the following year.

Episode 4 will be released on Wednesday, July 20th, and episodes will be released every Wednesday through July. Looking ahead: here is a quick summary of the remaining episodes:

  • Episode 4 will surround the 2018 Spurs season, in which the relationship between Leonard and the Spurs fell apart during the season when he was recovering from his quad injury.
  • Episode 5 will discuss the Kawhi Leonard Trade, the DeMar DeRozan era, as well as the aftermath of the trade on the 4-year anniversary of Leonard’s trade.


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NOTE: At one point in the show I said Tim Duncan had 5 All-Defensive Teams.... I meant to say 15 All-Defensive Teams!!! I don’t want to sell him short. One time early on in the episode, I also called Kawhi’s mother Kim Robinson instead of her actual name, Kim Robertson.