Mega Trade Proposal

Starting off with the caveat that this trade proposal won't happen. Why, because all it takes is one team to say 'this isn't fair' or to come back at the last minute and want one more thing.

Upon hearing Kevin Durant is seeking a trade and with the news of the Spurs possibly facilitating a trade between the Lakers (Westbrook) and Nets (Kyrie Irving), it got the ball rolling around in an empty brain with some ideas of how this could work in the Spurs favor. So, looking at the bigger trade pieces and with multiple teams this is what I came up with:

Brooklyn Nets- OUT: Kevin Durant (Spurs), Kyrie Irving (Lakers), Ben Simmons (Suns) IN: Chris Paul (Suns), Russell Westbrook (Lakers)

San Antonio Spurs- OUT: Jakob Poeltl (Suns) IN: Kevin Durant (Nets), Deandre Ayton (Suns)

Los Angeles Lakers- OUT: Russell Westbrook (Nets) IN: Kyrie Irving (Nets)

Phoenix Suns- OUT: Chris Paul (Nets), Deandre Ayton (Spurs) IN: Ben Simmons (Nets), Jakob Poeltl (Spurs)

There is a lot of missing pieces here that have to be resolved; player salaries, free agency, team salary caps, proposed draft picks, etc. and those are all issues that either take up to much time to determine or there is a lack of knowledge from my end to work out.

Why this works- It's a win for the Spurs!!! Is any more reason needed! To be fair, there's at least something for each of the other teams to gain from this. Nets can jettison salary and get short term pieces in return along with presumably multiple future draft picks. Suns get value for a player (Ayton) that wants out. Pretty obvious why this works for the Lakers.

Why this DOESN'T work- Spurs come out ahead and are suddenly in the conversation for top teams in the West. Would Ben Simmons balk at the trade. Durant is under contract for a few more years and is a VERY valuable trade chip. Ayton is restricted FA and the Suns would likely match any offer unless a favorable trade could be worked out. Do the Nets want 2 ball dominate PG on their roster, even if it's short term. Could probably go on, but I think the point is being made why this wouldn't happen.

Oh, how I'd love for the Spurs to suddenly be a top tier team again (sooner rather than later) and if it's going to happen, some crazy trade scenario might be needed.

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