Spurs May Not Be in Total Rebuild

According to rumors, the Spurs offered DJ a 100 million four year extension and he turned it down, preferring to wait and see. The Spurs were concerned that they might lose him 2 years from now and decided it was best to trade him while his value was at it's highest. If they waited till next season, he would be on an expiring contract and his trade value would be less.

This does not mean that the Spurs are tanking, unless you consider last year tanking, when they emphasized development but still tried to win.

According to HoopsRumors, Gallinari's waiver date was changed to July 8 and his guaranteed amount was increased from 5 to 11 million to facilitate the trade. If their numbers are correct, the Spurs would gain about 7 million in cap room compared to the cap room that they had before this trade. This would put their available cap space over 40 million. Perhaps they will sign a young point guard and a max free agent and continue to compete for a playoff spot.

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