We're not done

I personally am still in the accessing mode when it comes to the DJ trade. I was a big fan of his game and loved having him as a Spur. I don't think the picks are likely to be good enough to turn this into a home run trade but, if the reports (Brian Windhorst, ESPN) that Murray had told the Spurs he was NOT going to resign with the Spurs when his contract was up, then this was the right thing to do - and what we should have done with DeMar (before he became a free agent) and Lamarcus (before he lost any trade value). In that light, maybe it was the right move. I do wish we could have turned out a 2023 pick that had a real chance to have been a lottery pick. Hard to imagine the Hawks becoming one of the worst in the league in the next couple years and the Hornets pick is lottery protected. These picks are all probably in the 20s.

BUT, regardless of what you think of this move, this trade clearly indicates a full rebuild and probably even an actual tank to have a chance at Wembanyama. We will probably be bad enough to have a real shot. Since this is the direction we seem to be going, Almost assuredly the following players will be traded for bad contracts + picks:

  • Jakob Poetl
  • Josh Richardson
  • Doug McDermott (if we can find a team that wants him, not sure we'll get much).
I would expect this to mean we will pass on Lonnie Walker (which we were going to do anyway).

I also have a hard time seeing us pursuing Ayton now. We may sign some reclamation projects, but I doubt we'll go after any big-time free agents.

I don't think anything I said is that controversial - it seems obvious to me, but let me know if you disagree. What do you think we can/will get for our moveable assets? What does this trade mean for what we will do in Free Agency?

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