Draft afterthought

Was it really a disappointing draft night for the Spurs? We will not know for sure until 2-3 years in the future when both the players we selected and those we did not select would have shown their potential. The draft - outside the top picks - is really a gamble.

However, based on fans' expectations I believe it was a disappointing draft. We did not trade up, we kept 3 of our 4 picks and we continued the trend of selecting guards shorter than 6-5.

I am OK with Sochan at #9, although some would prefer Dieng. Branham seems OK at #20 but Kessler could also have been an option. Wesley at #25 came as a surpise since Moore and Jovic were still available. As for #38 instead of selecting Chandler and then trading him away it would be better to draft Diop and let him develop overseas for a couple of seasons.

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