Dare I say it? Yes dang it...Sochan: The Nephew 2.0!!!

Oh, oh, OH!!! I'm so tantalized by the possibility that I'm tempted to actually spell out the name of "he who shall not be named."

So why not lock Sochan down in a room and put on a video titled: The Nephew..."From Rookie Defensive Specialist to one of the Greatest Ever in less than 4 years Step by Step". Heck even change his snacks from to Doritos (The Nephew's favorite wasn't it?). And just move him IN with Chip. All while a secret team of PTR volunteer commandos comb the city on a search and destroy mission of ANYONE claiming to be his "uncle"...and voila! NBA champs in oh, 2016???

And if that's not enough excitement Sochan's (like Lonnie Skywalker whose days are numbered sadly) hair brings a welcomed refreshing dash of diversity and style to the professional "The Spurs Way" that the SA natives will simply eat up. HEB is already drafting commercials for "Sochan Salsa"!!! coincidently with matching hair color:):):) Heck I'm already clearing space next to my Duncan cereal box!

For naysayers be glad I rejected: Rodman..With Offense and Without the Nuttiness.

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