Hypothetical - Spurs blow it all up!!!

Okay fellow Spurs fans....let's say the Spurs realise the obvious and figure put that the team, as it stands is not Finals bound at all. Instead of doing what they do, and seeing how things play out, they decide to blow it all up. You are the GM of SA...what do you do?

For the sake of this exercise, there are some perameters:

  1. Name who you think may be untouchable.
  2. Identify STAR/All-STAR players who you could possibly trade for.
  3. Then come up with valid trades to show how that could happen.
  4. Finally, you can't trade away all of this years picks in your trades. So which pick/s did you keep, and who would you draft?

Have at it everyone!!!

I'll post some options a bit later...

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