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Spurs add three new secondary logos to broaden brand

The Spurs are entering their 50th season, and they’re going all out with new ways to advertise.

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Just ten days after unveiling a new logo to commemorate their upcoming 50th Anniversary season, the San Antonio Spurs are at it again, this time releasing three new secondary logos to help “broaden their brand”. Per the Spurs’ official press release:

These new marks help broaden the team’s brand with three adaptable logos, while staying true to the Spurs iconic legacy. This announcement is part of the team’s season-long celebration taking place during the 2022-23 campaign to commemorate 50 years of Spurs basketball in San Antonio beginning in 1973.

The secondary collection includes a Texas-shaped design, an SATX wordmark and an SATX basketball logo:

The longstanding primary Spurs logo and icon featuring the classic spur design, as well the team’s global logo and wordmarks will remain unchanged.

As described in the image above, the three logos consist of the state of Texas with a spur embedded in it to remind those across the globe that they’re in the great state of Texas, an “SATX” world mark (short for San Antonio, TX), and the same SATX logo on top of a black basketball for an edgier look.

While some merchandise with the new logs is already available at, the Spurs also mention that they will be seen on future team branding and uniforms, so it sounds like there may finally be an update some of their alternates. The Spurs already took a step in that direction over the last couple of years by moving from camo to Fiesta-themed City Edition uniforms, so maybe the Statement Edition will be next?

(If anyone needs a reminder of how old the general concept of their current grey uniforms are, they were initially modeled by Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard because they were the “young” Spurs of the time...)

There have also been rumors that the George Gervin-era look may be making a comeback, and I’d certainly be all for that! We’ll likely have to wait until closer to the new season to find out, but in the meantime, it’s fun to speculate.

Which new secondary logo is your favorite, and how do you hope to see them utilized? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.