Ideal Realistic Draft?

Now that the draft order is set, I wanted to open up an open board to hear all of your thoughts about the NBA draft. What does your ideal (but realistic) draft night look like for the Spurs? I'm of the opinion that the Spurs will likely use their 3 picks and some expendable players (McDermott, Richardson, Langford, maybe even, though I hope not, Poeltl) to move up OR swap into next year's draft. The possibilities of what actually will happen are somewhat endless, but here are some realistic possibilities that I'd like to see.

  1. Trade up for Keegan Murray. I see this as unlikely, but if he drops to 6 or 7, I could see us trading two picks to pick him. I believe he would be a great fit for us and I would love to see him as a Spur, but getting him at 9 seems unlikely.
  2. Pick Sochan at 9, Jovic at 20 and Baldwin at 24. I know that's 3 guys all around 6'10, but there's a bit of gambling with these picks. Here we'd take 3 shots at a starting level PF who are all still young and could be turn into solid players or more.
  3. Pick Sochan or Mathurin at 9 and package 20 and 24 for Tari Eason if this is possible.
  4. Pick Mathurin, Daniels, Griffin or Sharpe (unlikely) if Sochan is already picked and/or one of them falls. There often is a player who falls that is unexpected. Mathurin and Daniels are more likely to be available at 9, Griffin is possible, Sharpe is unlikely. I can't imagine the big 3, Ivey or Murray falling to 9.
  5. Trade some combination of picks to get another lottery pick in next year's draft.
Which of these possibilities do you like? What others? Let's dream a bit - what's the ideal (realistic) draft?

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