Western Conference Semi-Finals ... 2003

As this year's NBA semi-finals wraps up today it is also an anniversary of a western semi-finals game that is one of the most important in the San Antonio Spurs prolific history.

On this day 19 years ago the Spurs finally took down the defending champion, 3-peat Los Angelas Lakers. This win was huge on so many levels. After getting thumped 0-4 in '01, then loosing a slightly more competitive set of games in '02 1-4, and then hardly hanging on by a Robert Horry missed three that literally went in half way and bounced out after ping-ponging back and forth in the rim, it seemed like the good guys would NEVER beat the Kobe-Shaq led teams in the playoffs. The Lakers' run came to an end in '03's game six in which the Spurs put on a clinic (Bill Walton's words) during the 4th quarter and moved on.

There have been a pretty good amount of important, turning-point games in the Spurs' history along with this one. Game 5 of the '05 finals, the game after the 6-8 start in '99 which was proceeded by a meeting between Robinson, Johnson, and Coach Pop saying he'd be fired if things didn't turn around, and so on.

What do you believe is one of if not the top game in our team's existence?

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