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It’s time for Basketball: Spurs vs Warriors

The Silver and Black prepare for the play-in in their final home game of the season.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

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I really don’t want to say too much about the ending of Thursday night’s game against the Timberwolves, but the short-handed Silver and Black played well for 3.5 quarters before the game got out of hand and then was ruined by Minnesota’s clownish antics in the last two minutes of play. It was pretty consequence-free for them, despite almost costing them the game and exposing their best players to an unnecessary risk of injury in a game that was clearly in hand for them. It’s not the kind of thing I would ever want to see again on a basketball court, and hopefully for the sake of the Timberwolves, Mike Malone feels the same way.

Tonight’s game features the even shorter-handed Spurs against the mega-resting Golden State Warriors. Dejounte Murray’s respiratory infection seems to be cured, but he still needs conditioning to play in a game, and hopefully he’ll be available for tomorrow’s tune-up against the Mavericks, but as of now, he’ll definitely play on Wednesday against the Pelicans. The Spurs are 2 games back of the Pelicans with 2 games to play, and a loss tonight or a Pelicans win will ensure that Wednesday’s game will be played in New Orleans. Which is fine, because the Spurs have been a very good road team this year. So, lets watch, and see what kind of lineups Pop puts out there in what should be, for the most purposes, a practice game for Wednesday’s play-in.

Game Prediction:

The Spurs have cloned Joe Wieskamp, and all 5 clones will play 48 minutes tonight.

Talking like Draymond
Can result in a tech
Deflecting the blame and
Setting screens like a train wreck

One final word:

Go Spurs GOOOOOO!!

San Antonio Spurs at Minnesota Timberwolves
April 9, 2022 | 7:30 PM CT
Streaming: NBA League Pass

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