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Open Thread: Drew Eubanks earns a roster spot in Portland

The former Spurs backup center lands a contract after being traded by the Spurs and cut by the Raptors

NBA: San Antonio Spurs At Utah Jazz Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

When the Spurs traded Thaddeus Young to the Raptors on February 10 for Goran Dragic and a (top 14 protected) first round pick, Drew Eubanks was included to balance salaries. It wasn’t the last stop for Dragic, who ended up on the Nets after being cut by the Spurs, or Eubanks, who was cut by the Raptors shortly after the trade. Despite receiving his full salary for the 2021-2022 season, Drew wasn’t done playing, and ended up signing a 10 day contract with the Portland Trail Blazers on February 22.

And then he signed another one on March 4, and also on March 14, and March 24. In most seasons, a player could not sign that many consecutive 10-day contracts with the same team, but thanks to hardship rules, the big guy from Oregon St. was able to sign up for four consecutive 10-days with the same team, and finally on April 3 the Blazers announced that they signed Drew for the rest of the season. While Drew may not have been the best player who has ever played in the Spurs system, he was one of the most entertaining and positive players to put on the Silver and Black, and he always was ready to put an opponent on a poster if he had a free run to the hoop, and even when he wasn’t in the game, his bench reactions were always fun to watch.

The Spurs could be headed to the play-in tournament, while the Blazers are done for the season, but it was still good to see Eubanks again, even though the two games weren’t competitive. Even if Eubanks isn’t in the long term plans for the Blazers, the fact that he’s worked his way onto an NBA roster spot is a testament to his hard work and commitment to the game. Good luck, Drew, and congratulations on the next step in your career.

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