Zach Lavine?

The Spurs are one of the few teams with the money to make a big splash in Free Agency this year, problem of course is, there aren't a lot of elite Free Agents. One that we could pursue is Zach Lavine. There are a few obvious problems, one being, he's a guard, we need a big, and another being some questions on durability, but he would fill the hole many have identified of needing a star player who can go get buckets at crunch time.

If we pursued him, and we actually got him, I imagine a logical next step would be to go after a big via trade. Vassell and KJ could be more expendable and we would be better able to put together an attractive trade package for Miles Turner, John Collins, or fill in the blank PF. Our starting lineup would be, if this path worked out:

DJ, Zach, Kj or DV, Unnamed PF, Jakob.

I'm just curious what you all think. Would this be a possibility worth pursuing? Is it possible? If we signed Zach, who'd you trade to acquire a big, and who could we get?

As for me, going after Lavine wouldn't be my first choice (but I do think it's fun to think about). I'd be worried about durability and fit and I'm not sure he'd get us where we need to go any better than DeMar did. If we did, I'd rather trade Devin than KJ. I don't know that DJ, KJ, Devin, and Primo are going to all fit into our long-term plans, so I don't see trading one or even two of the three (other than DJ) as prohibitive.

What do you think Pounders?

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