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Josh Richardson offers to teach Josh Primo how to drive in hilarious interview

Watching Richardson be a silly big brother to Primo is both hilarious and endearing.

There were a lot of reasons to love every player on this season’s Spurs squad, but if there are two players who endeared themselves to fans perhaps more than expected, it was the two Joshes — Josh Primo and Josh Richardson. Primo came to the Spurs via the draft when they surprised everyone by selecting him much higher than projected at 12th overall. Some fans weren’t initially thrilled with the pick, but it didn’t long for his exciting flashes of potential to trigger “Primo!” chants every time he entered the game.

Richardson also came to the Spurs unexpectedly when they again shocked the fanbase and traded Derrick White to Boston. Between the sadness of losing White and the expectation that Richardson wouldn’t be much more than trade fodder for the future, fans weren’t immediately attached to him, either, but that quickly changed once he got playing time, infused the team with energy and swagger, and helped lead them to an exciting final stretch of the season.

Recently, the two Joshes sat down for chips and salsa together, and it’s probably one of the funnier Spurs interviews in recent memory. There’s some basketball talk, but it’s mostly Richardson being a jokey big brother to Primo, telling him he needs to learn some Spanish, teasing him about his fear of spicy food, and explaining his “vibe” for driving shirtless. Richardson, who is from Oklahoma, also teases the Canadian Primo for complaining how hot it’s already getting and his worry about the oncoming Texas summer. (For reference, the hottest month of the year in Toronto is July with an average high of 79 degrees, while San Antonio only has five months with an average high lower than 80, peaking at 96 degrees in July. Yes, it’s hot down here.)

However, the funniest part might be Primo, who has been using Uber to get around San Antonio since he got here, explaining that he’s still learning how to drive and that he has his learner’s permit. Richardson teases the 19-year-old more for ordering a new car before getting his license and offers to help teach him how to drive and park — but not in his car; Primo’s car has to come in first.

It’s a pretty hilarious video and good inside look at the two players’ personalities behind the scene, so be sure to go check it out!