The Spurs will draft a guard again for their 1st pick

Like most fellow fans I have been sick of us drafting guards for our high picks in the last years. I was excited at the prospect of drafting a taller player in this draft. With 3 first round picks I assumed the team will surely package them to go higher. Maybe get Keegan at the 5th. Even if they stay put at 9th they can get Sochan or Duren.

Then I thought about this season and the reason we lost so many games despite playing so hard. I have no stats to back this up but I came up with one thing. Rebounds. We are a poor rebounding team. If we give up extra possessions or fail to get extra possessions, that would spell the difference between a win and a close loss. And we had many close losses this season.

And obviously the main reason for being a weak rebounding team is size. Particularly our PF slot. And it hit me, this is probably the main reason PATFO has been trying to swing for the fences for guards. Primo has high potential but he will not help us win any games for a couple of more years. He is being asked to guard tall SFs at times but he is too short.

So the reason we are drafting guards is basically to handicap us in the rebounding department. And ensure more losses for the team despite all their effort.

But why am I so sure that we will still draft a guard for our first pick? Because the true prize is not in this year's draft but in the next, when Vic Wembayana will be available. 7'3 with 7'9 wingspan with guard skills and mobility. Basically the son of Gobert and Durant if they could make a baby.

So much excited as I was for our first pick this draft I have to be realistic. There are no sure franchise changers this draft. There are no Tim Duncans, only Van Horns. Next draft there will be one. And knowing Pop, he will make sure the team has a good chance to get no. 1. So say goodbye to a decent 1st pick this year and hello to another season of many close calls but mostly losses. Hopefully, I am wrong because surely many more desperate teams will be outright tanking next season. But how many times do you get a chance to draft an almost sure franchise changer?

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