On to the offseason

Even though some pounders are surely disappointed that the Spurs didn't progress to the playoffs, I bet we can mostly agree that this season has been super fun to watch and the player development has exceeded all expectations. I've enjoyed this season more than I have any Spurs season since 2017, KL's last year actually playing. That one had a sudden, tragic ending on May 14, when Leonard was injured after Zaza Pachulia slid underneath his landing area, in a moment which pretty well marked the end of the Spurs dynasty.

After spending a few years wandering around the proverbial wilderness with a cobbled together roster-of-necessity led by DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs finally settled in to a real rebuild this season and started doing what they do best; draft and develop players. And it's tough to argue with the results so far; in 20-21, the Spurs were up against the luxury tax with bulky, hard to move contracts going to players in their 30s, no extra draft picks, and ending the season in 10th place, 33-39. This season, the Spurs were one of the youngest teams in the league, have accumulated several extra picks, have potentially more than $30 mil in cap space, and still finished the season in 10th place, performing about as well as last year. The big difference is the future outlook, which is MUCH brighter to my eyes. Congratulations to Pop, who landed the all time wins record, (while barely paying attention to it!) and most impressively turned this young group of players into a real team. Short on sheer talent and size, but long on chemistry and teamwork. So.Much.Fun.To.Watch.

I wanted to start a thread for offseason discussion; the draft, free agency, nutty trade ideas, whatever. Since the lottery isn't for another month, we'll go with the assumption that the Spurs will have the 9th, 21st, 24th, and 38th picks in the draft, which is the current scenario projected by tankathon.

So, what are your ideas for this summer, pounders? Now is the time to dream, so let's get started.

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