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It’s time for Basketball: Spurs at Mavericks

The regular season ender doesn’t matter for the Spurs, but the Mavericks want a win to improve their playoff seed

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

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The game against wasn’t quite what I expected, when a plucky group of Spurs backups and third stringers took Golden State to the limit and almost pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the season. While that would have been entertaining, it could have been costly to the Spurs lottery chances, lifting them from 9th place to 11th in the lottery odds, cutting their chances of being in the top 4 by half (from 20.2% to 8.5%). Of course, none of that matters if the Spurs are somehow able to win a pair of play-in games and win themselves completely out of the lottery, but then the Spurs are in the playoffs, and it’s just going to get really interesting.

Tonight’s task is a matchup against the Mavericks, in a game that means little to the Silver and Black, and somewhat more to Dallas, as they attempt to pass up the Warriors from fourth to third place in the west. Expect the Spurs to play a lot of the same players as last night, and for the Spurs’ backups to make it an entertaining game despite the huge talent mismatch. This game is on in San Antonio on CW35, but if you are in the DFW Area, it’s on Bally Sports with the Dallas announcers. In Central Texas, hook up your rabbit ears, and watch it for free over the air. This is your last chance to see the Spurs before their Wednesday night play-in game in New Orleans against the Pelicans at 8:30 PM on ESPN.

Game Prediction:

Lonnie Walker will put Jalen Brunson on a poster in the third quarter.

The Spurs had a player named Luka
Who didn’t play with a lot of passion
Not like the Dallas Mavericks’ famed Luka
Whose mouth writes checks worth cashin’

One final word:

Go Spurs GOOOOOO!!

San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks
April 11, 2022 | 8:30 PM CT
Streaming: NBA League Pass
TV: CW 35

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