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Watch: Jakob Poeltl plays “Poeltl”

Who wouldn’t play viral game named after themselves?

A couple of weeks ago, a new NBA Trivia game based on popular online game “Worlde” came out, and of course it is called “Poeltl”, named after Spurs center Jakob Poeltl. Here’s a quick recap of how it works. A player has eight guesses to predict the correct player. Green in any column (such as position, conference, age, etc.) means it is correct, and yellow means the player is close but not quite there.

Recently, Jakob Poeltl himself sat down with Chase Shannon of News 4 San Antonio to play his namesake game, which apparently he has been doing every day since it came out! He struggled a bit under the spotlight of the camera (don’t we all?) but eventually got there with the help of the silhouette.

I’m personally surprised the game is still in production. I fully expected it to be taken down by now, but apparently just like Big Jak himself, no one can take down “Poeltl”! Have you been playing?

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