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What’s your favorite memory from the AT&T Center?

The Spurs are actually at home for an extended period for the first time in forever!

As Gregg Popovich said before the Spurs’ lone home game in ten last week, having one game back from the Rodeo Road Trip just to go back out on the road again might as well make that home game a road one, so we’re calling the seven-game homestand that starts tonight the true “beginning of being back from the RRT”.

In honor of being back home for seven games, I decided to ask what your favorite memory is from the AT&T Center? It can be a game you attended, a favorite Spurs moment you saw live, or any other event (rodeo, concert, etc). Here’s mine:

My junior year in high school, we had a foreign exchange student named Mai from Japan, and my twin sister and I befriended her on the varsity soccer team and gave her rides home after practice. Basketball wasn’t huge in Japan at the time, but she was hooked the instant I introduced her to the Spurs. At the same time, my sister’s boyfriend was in ROTC, and the head commander had a couple of second row tickets to the Spurs game. They gave them to me, I and used them to take Mai to her one and only game.

I don’t remember the opponent (although I know it was a win), but I remember showing her around the AT&T Center, and she bought plenty of merchandise to take back home with her. We had a lot of fun (although I remembered deciding I appreciated being a little further up, since being so close hurts the depth perception, plus I’m only 5’3”, so it was hard to see over the people in front of my), and a few months later, just days before it was time for Mai to return to Tokyo, we had a slumber party centered around Game 6 of the 2003 NBA finals, and she got to witness an NBA championship.

I only saw Mai one more time when she returned to San Antonio for a visit a few years later, but we remain in contact to this day, and we have vowed if we’re ever in the same country again, we will find a way to meet up. (Ironically, we were shocked to learn that we just missed each other by a week in Venice in 2018. That would have been something if we had just accidently crossed paths in one of the smallest places in the world.)

That is my favorite memory from the AT&T Center, what’s yours?

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