We're probably going to make the play-in

With 8 games left to the season, we are one game back in the standings for the 10 spot

Western W L Pct CGB Home Div Conf Last 10 PF PA Diff Streak Win Championship
32 43 .427 29.0 18-21 6-9 21-24 5-5 108.8 109.8 -1.0 W-1 +30000
31 43 .419 29.5 20-18 3-11 16-28 3-7 111.6 114.3 -2.7 L-2 +10000
30 44 .405 30.5 14-23 5-8 20-24 6-4 112.9 113.2 -0.3 W-3 +100000

The Lakers are reeling and Lebron just twisted his ankle - probably going to miss a couple games at least, we also have a significantly easier schedule remaining.

Spurs remaining games:







Golden State


With Portland shamelessly tanking and Houston as bad as they are, I'd say 4-4 is a fairly likely scenario, assuming we pick up one of the remaining 5 games

Lakers Remaining Schedule:



New Orleans



@Golden State



If you concede the Lakers the OKC game, they'd still need to pick up an additional 3 wins with a fairly tough schedule, AND we own the tiebreaker (2-2 head to head, but 4 games ahead in the conference w/l).

The Pelicans have a pretty easy schedule including Portland 2x, LA Lakers and Clippers (who have lost 5 in a row), and Sacramento among their 7 remaining games.

Of course anything can happen - we aren't good enough to guarantee anything, but I think it's more likely than not we'll at least make the play-in. That does hurt our lottery chances, but it's the way it's set up.

If we do make the play-in, we'd have to beat New Orleans and then probably the Clippers (losing to the T-Wolves). I'd say we would at least have a decent chance of pulling that off.

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