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Former Spurs player Matt Bonner responds to Steph Curry’s injury

An aggressive Marcus Smart play has significance to the Red Rocket

Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Last night the San Antonio Spurs played (and beat!) the Golden State Warriors. Like most teams at this point in the season, each was missing multiple players. In the case of the Warriors, they were missing two-time MVP and sharp-shooting assassin Steph Curry. He was injured three days prior in a game against the Boston Celtics.

He was injured chasing down a lose ball in a collision with Marcus Smart.

As you can see, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was not happy about the call and made direct verbal contact with Marcus Smart.

Steve Kerr: “I thought it was a dangerous play...that’s what I was upset about.” That said, Kerr shared some admiration for Smart whom he had coached in a non-NBA event, but did make his thought on the play clear.

Curry disagreed:

“He didn’t try to hurt me. There’s a certain way that he plays, that I don’t think many other people would have made the play that he did, but I don’t think it was malicious or dirty or trying to hurt me. It’s kinda just a tough situation. Like I said, just the way that he plays... It’s not like he looked at me and said, ‘I’m trying to hurt that dude’ so it’s basketball.”

Fellow Warrior Draymond Green couldn’t call it a “dirty play,” but did think it was “unnecessary dive.”

Marcus Smart responded by saying:

“I didn’t see [Curry]. I saw the ball, I dove for the ball, trying to make a play… Unfortunately that occurred. I’m sure I’m going to get called dirty. But I know who I am… I play very hard and I leave everything on the court… My teammates, my colleagues, they know I’m not a dirty player.”

When asked about his personal take during the Spurs Live pre-game broadcast, Matt Bonner stated:

“You guys shouldn’t ask me this question, you know I am super biased. I had an incident with Marcus Smart years ago. We are not going to discuss that incident, if anyone is curious, you can go YouTube it...I love how Steve Kerr described it as a ‘dangerous play.’ If it was still another player and a one off thing, yeah, it was an accident, but it seems like these controversial things keep happening to Marcus Smart. I don’t know, Dan, I ‘m not a fan of some of the stuff he does...I was victimized by it. But it was definitely a dangerous play.”

For those who don’t remember, this was Bonner’s “Marcus Smart” experience.

It’s probably hard for Spurs fans to feel sorry for the Warriors experiencing the possibility of a injury ending the season for a superstar at the hands of a player with a questionable history and reputation, considering they were the aggressors once upon a time.

Anyone else recall May 14, 2017?

Hard to watch after all these years knowing it was the beginning of the end of the Spurs relationship with Kawhi Leonard.

What is your take, Pounders, was Marcus Smart being aggressive, or was his play too dangerous to be deemed an innocent chase after the ball? In this instance, does his reputation carry weight in your analysis?

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