Offseason Decisions

My intention here is more to hear other people's perspectives than express my own, but we are quickly approaching the offseason and we will have to make some decisions on players and contracts. I'd just like to hear what everyone thinks we should do moving forward.

First there is a set of players that I see as making up our core and that although they could be traded, are probably staying with the Spurs. I'd include DJ, Devin Vassell, KJ, and Primo. I'd add Jakob to this list, but if the rumors are true that we've entertained trades for him, who knows. In my mind all of these are players I'd like to be with us for at least the next couple years. I'd also want to see us extend Jakob's contract (next year is his last of this one).

Second, there are those players who, while not a part of the core, are still young, cheap, and under contract. I expect them to stick around next year. I'd include KBD, Jock Landale and Tre Jones here. I'd also expect us to bring back Cacok and Weiskamp.

The rest are more interesting.

Lonnie. Earlier this year I was ready to move on from him. Now I want to keep him. I think it'll depend how much money someone else is willing to offer him. Without him, our bench unit is really going to struggle, so if we don't keep him we'll need to replace him.

Josh Richardson? Trade or keep? I expect we'll try and flip him for a pick or to move up. I'm fine keeping him, if we let Lonnie walk though.

Zach Collins. We've kicked the tires - I think there is potential and he fits an area of need. He's not going to play a huge role, but I think we guarantee next year's contract. Why not?

Romeo Langford. No idea. Barely seen him, don't know if we could flip him for much. I'd expect to see us trade him unless Lonnie walks and we need more pieces on the bench.

Dougie McBuckets (as my kids like to call him): He's fun, I like him, but I don't think he fits what we're doing or where we are going. I'd lean towards trying to trade him. If we can pull in a strong defensive PF and move Doug to the bench, I might think otherwise. But I do think we could get some younger value for him to the right team.

Picks: Another part of this whole conversation are the picks. But it's really hard to speculate much until we see the ping pong balls. Obviously some of that will affect the above decisions, but some of them really are also independent (like Lonnie, Zach, and probably Doug). I get that we also have 4 picks next year, so there needs to be roster space if we are keeping all of them, but I very much doubt we keep all of them).

What do you think? Do you agree on what the core is? What do we do with the players I have listed?

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