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Spurs end of the bench separation anxiety blues

Juancho, it’s like we never really got to know you at all

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Five games. Fifty-one minutes. Seven points. Fifteen rebounds. Three assists. One block. One steal. Two turnovers. No fouls.

That is the entirety of Jauncho Hernangomez time with the San Antonio Spurs. Not much to hang your hat on, but as a fan of the Spurs (and I do remind people from time to time that i am Spurs fan, not a basketball fan...there is a distinction) any player who suits up receives some respect. There is research, time and energy, and essentially I must admit I get attached.

Whatever it was the Spurs saw in this player — enough so to bring him to San Antonio — I want to understand it.

In the case of Hernangomez, it may have just been some trade collateral. As an outsider, i don;t know, so I fall into the trappings of rooting for the player and hoping he makes a significant contribution. A sincere hope he can make the most of his time with the Silver & Black.

For me, it also happened with Quincy Pondexter, Brandon Paul, and Ray McCallum. Sometimes they aren’t here long enough to remember years later. Sometimes they are gone too soon.

Same applies with Hernangomez. Here...and then he was gone.

Bon voyage, Juancho. Best wishes on your next excursion.

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