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The Sound of Spurs podcast Episode 5

Philadelphia native Gene Banks starts his career in the Alamo City

San Antonio Spurs v Washington Bullets

Episode 5 of Bill Schoening’s The Sound of Spurs podcast continues with in-depth one-on-one interviews with past players associated with the San Antonio Spurs.

This episode featured Gene Banks who started his NBA career un San Antonio in 1981. The 28th overall draft pick of 1981 spent his first four seasons as a Spurs swingman.

Gene Banks takes us inside his journey that led him to the NBA which includes growing up playing basketball - a game he once hated - in Philadelphia. Gene shares how divine intervention led him to play at Duke and then he explains how dropping in the NBA draft after being projected top-10 was the best thing for him. Gene also talks about the adjustment moving to San Antonio, his time overseas and his foundation.

Banks played two more seasons with the Chicago Bulls before joining the international circuit.

Listen carefully for a Sherman Hemsley reference.

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