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A veiled Spurs reference in the new “House Party” trailer

Even LeBron can nod to the guys who deserved the 2013 title

BKN-NBA-FINALS-SPURS-HEAT-GAME 6 Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

On Christmas Day, I indulged in a try of featured NBA games (three. is a generous count considering we were still engaged in family time when the Knicks hosted the 76ers and - if Im being totally honest - I slept through a good portion of the Denver/Phoenix matchup).

One of the great pieces of holiday, or special, games is the commercials.

The promo for LeBron James’ updated House Party (which was in heavy rotation, especially during his record-setting seventeenth Christmas Day Game) made a veiled San Antonio Spurs reference.

This commercial references one of LeBron James’ NBA championship rings and the protagonist states that if it was the ring obtained in Miami, then it doesn't really count.

LeBron won two rings with Miami - one in 2012 when the Heat easily vanquished the Oklahoma City Thunder which featured two future league MVPs in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

The 4-1 series could hardly be an undeserving win for LeBron and the Miami Heat.

But in 2013, the Heat were about to be knocked out of the Finals in Game 6 by the San Antonio Spurs - who were on their way to their fifth title - when a storm that could only have generated in the Bermuda Triangle befell on the Spurs forcing a Game 7 and turning the tides to the South Beach Heatles.

The reference is in jest, and obviously with the approval of LeBron who has a remarkable sense of humor when it comes to himself (if you have not seen Trainwreck, stop what you are doing now and head to the nearest Blockbuster now...or whatever streaming service equivalent you utilize).

Next up: Is Boban Marjanovic the funniest man in the NBA?

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