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Spurs docuseries highlights The Iceman

The Ring of the Rowel episode 10 is now available

Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs, 1-23-76 Photo by Mark Junge/Getty Images

Who was the greatest the Spur of all time?

If you ask George Gervin, he will turn the question around:

“Look at it like it’s a tree. You got the roots. We all know what the roots are to a tree, right? Then you got the trunk, we all know that come from the roots. Then you got the branches and the flowers and the leafs. I’m the roots. I am the foundation of this franchise. So you ask yourself- who’s the greatest Spurt of all time?”

In the tenth installment of The Ring of the Rowel, the Spurs docuseries spotlights the earliest superstar of the Sand Antonio Spurs.

Bill Walton posits “George Gervin wasn’t a guard, he was god.”

Gervin has now completed the 50th anniversary trilogy being the subject The Ring of the Rowel, featured player on Bill Schoening’s Sound of the Spurs (his first guest to be exact), and the “Welcome Back” in-arena guest at a home game.

Who more deserving of accolade highlighting the first 50 years of the Spurs than the first player to put the Spurs on the map.

Merry Christmas, Pounders, have a relaxing holiday.

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