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It’s time for Basketball: Spurs vs Pelicans

With the Spurs in a downward spiral, they take on a team that routed them in their last meeting

New Orleans Pelicans v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Welcome to the Game Thread. Veterans of the Game Thread know how we do things around here, but for all you newbies we have a few rules. Our community guidelines apply and basically say be cool, no personal attacks, don’t troll and don’t swear too much.

After Wednesday’s debacle against the Thunder, it’s really hard to write anything positive about this year’s performance on the court by the Spurs. They had one of their best performances on the year in the first half, scoring 77 points and leading by 17 at the break, only to face plant after coming out of the locker room in an embarrassing display that could hardly be called basketball. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience to watch and it’s not one I look forward to repeating any time soon.

Luckily, tonight they face the loaded Pelicans with a healthy Zion Williamson and an always dangerous Brandon Ingram. With this kind of talent mismatch, it’s really unlikely that the Spurs be able to engender false hope like they did against the short-handed Thunder. This is a game that’s expected to be a blowout from the opening tip to the closing buzzer. It’s the kind of game that has Pop thinking that we’ve got the Pelicans right where we want them, and the master of strategy can turn their overconfidence against them, restoring Keldon Johnson’s confidence triggering a win streak and a return to the finals, and finally a sixth trophy ...

OK, ... now that that flight of fancy is over, let’s watch the game and see how Pop can work his young players into playing with more solid fundamentals, and enjoy watching the point guard goodness of Tre Jones when he’s in, and the stagnant chaos on offense when he sits. Hopefully, Keldon Johnson can keep working and slowly begin the climb from the deepest abyss of a slump he has ever encountered in his career. Enjoy the fine play of Devin Vassell who always plays well regardless of how poorly the team is performing. And remember, there’s always a chance.

Game Prediction:

The Coyote will attempt to eat the King Cake Baby, which will lead to a fine from the league.

One final word:

Go Spurs GOOOOOO!!

San Antonio Spurs vs New Orleans Pelicans
December 2, 2022 | 7:00 PM CT
Streaming: NBA League Pass
TV: CW 35

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