Outside Praise of PtR Fans

For those of you who didn't follow the in game fan comments on the PtR blog, here's a posting that came from a Blazers fan:

Blazer fan here. You guys are likely the best fan base in the NBA. We don’t have nearly the chips y’all have, but I do think we’re okay fans too… but your pedigree of winning gives you more credibility I suppose. More than anything, you seem to appreciate good players from other teams and don’t let them get in the way of your fun. It probably helps that you know you’re also in a franchise "transition time," but I know all too well that it’s no fun to watch another player light up your team. Still, I don’t think I’ve read another SB game thread where the other team was as complimentary about a player as you guys were about Dame. It’s rare and it’s pretty rad.

Portland likely won’t win a championship this year, but it’s stuff like this that allows us to get through the muck. I’d rather have him on my team (with some other good pieces) giving other teams fits, than have some super team gather together because the weather is better. Watching Dame amaze others is really fun… and if he can keep this culture going for another 2-3 years and we can win "just one," then that would mean more to this city than anything.

Anyhoo, you guys are appreciated. Pounding The Rock from PDX out.

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