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Spurs’ balanced attack shocks Cavs in a tight finish

Don’t look now, but the Spurs are now on a three-game winning streak!

Darren Abate/AP

After knocking off the Miami Heat in South Beach on Saturday afternoon, the Spurs looked to celebrate their 2003 Championship Night and Tim Duncan Bobblehead Night with another dub. However, this one almost got away from them. After leading by 19 late in the third quarter, the Spurs slowly started to crack in the fourth quarter, getting outscored 33-20 by the Cavs. Thankfully, thanks to a balanced attack and one of the most clutch defensive plays of the season by Keldon Johnson, the Spurs escaped with a 112-111 win.

Josh Richardson led the team in scoring with 24 points, two assists, and a rebound off the bench. He was on fire shooting 9/13 from the field and 5/7 from three-point land.

Here’s one of his threes from the first half.

J-Rich doing his best Jamal Crawford impression with the four point play.

This move is called give me a bucket ASAP.

KJ finished with 21 points, six rebounds, two assists, and a game-saving block. He struggled from the field, but still put in the dirty work on both ends of the court.

Here he almost puts Kevin Love on a poster, settling for the layup and-one instead.

Don’t forget Cavs, you’ve got to guard him from inside and out.

One of the best game-saving blocks you’ll ever see. Replay is most definitely recommended.

Tre Jones, who’s been scoring more and more as of late, finished with 15 points, five assists, four rebounds, and two steals.

Zach Collins just missed out on a double-double with nine points and 10 rebounds. He also dished out five assists.

CHARLES BASSEY IS STILL A GROWN MAN. He finished with six points, 11 rebounds, and an assist. Here’s a nice put-back slam(?).

Devin Vassell came off the bench again dropping 16 points, three assists, two rebounds, and three steals. His fadeaway jumper is silky smooth.

Tre with a clean up and under layup on the fastbreak.

Collins does more work in the paint spinning off of Jarrett Allen for the finish.

Devin knows how to get to his spot, and gives the Spurs their last two points of the game.

Apologies in advance, but this KJ block is too good to not watch again. Look at the emotion from Big Body, Pop, and Bassey!

Tank or not, it’s always so exciting when the Spurs win, especially at home. As always, here are the full game highlights.