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Bruce Bowen joined the Spurs’ telecast on Wednesday

The Spurs continue to roll out the 50th season festivities

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

I’m not going to lie, it was painful game to watch.

Let’s be honest, no one planned on watching the Spurs have a great season. We were prepared for an uneven win/loss ratio.

And the first game of the season set the tone.

Until it didn’t.

When you don’t have high expectations, and then you are magnificently surprised, admittedly, your hopes rise.

So when the Spurs get dismantled by a team with an MVP candidate while missing Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell, it should come as no surprise. But the 43 point loss is a gut punch no matter what. And top that with seeing what we have seen from this team since they took off on their road trip, well, you almost forgot they weren’t going to be contenders.


Bright side - Bruce Bowen joined the telecast alongside Bill Land and Sean Elliott. Bill and Sean are great, adding in Bruce just put the humor and family-feel over the top. especially while the game was uneventfully playing out twenty feet in front of them.

Bruce is coaching school-aged basketball at TMI Episcopal. He is out-and-about in the community (I ran into him H-E-B recently). And he shared , with much humor, how often he gets mistaken for Sean Elliott.

The two skewered Tim Duncan. For Elliott, it’s par for the course, but the addition of Bowen sheds some insight into just how fun this team must have been for 19 years of Big Fun.

The two were having so much fun that at one point Bill had to remind them there was a game going on. Pop requested and lost a coaches challenge that almost went unreported by the telecast because Bowen was cracking Sean up.

Over the last three home games, Bill and Sean have been visited by Becky Hammon, Ian Mahinmi, and Bowen. Can’t wait to see who they bring along tonight as the Spurs face the Los Angeles Clippers.

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