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Spurs release a statement in response to Josh Primo lawsuit

The Spurs disagree with the details of the allegations but will let the legal process play out.

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

In response to the lawsuit filed by former team psychiatrist Dr. Hillary Cauthen regarding former player Josh Primo’s multiple alleged incidents of exposing himself, the San Antonio Spurs have released a statement of their own from Spurs Sports & Entertainment CEO RC Buford:

We disagree with the accuracy of facts, details and timeline presented today. While we would like to share more information, we will allow the legal process to play out.

Our organization remains committed to upholding the highest standards and will continue to live by our values and culture.”

Dr. Cauthen’s allegations include at least nine instances of Primo exposing himself to her during therapy sessions, which she alleges went ignored by the organization before the team chose not to renew her contract. Primo was waived by the Spurs last week after another alleged incident in Minnesota was leaked to the media.

As previously reported, Primo has also hired an attorney and denied the allegations against him, while also saying he is receiving therapy for past traumatic experiences.