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The Ring of the Rowel #3- The Spurs are in the Alamodome

Party, Karamu...Fiesta, forever

Avery Johnson and John Stockton Action Portrait Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE via Getty Images

The Spurs kicked off their San Antonio career at Hemisfair Arena, but in the early 1990s, the Spurs moved into the Alamodome, a full-sized stadium designed to attract a national football team.

It became home to the Spurs, with a huge curtain cutting the seating in half.

Episode 3 of the Spurs docuseriues The Ring of the Rowel is entitled “There’s No Place Like Dome” and picks up when the Spurs made their move to the other side of 281.

This January, the Spurs will play a game against the Golden State Warriors. This time, the court will be set in the middle of the stadium, no curtain, in hopes of selling out the Alamodome and claiming a Guinness Book World Record for an NBA game.

This docuseries is bringing back so many memories as well as filling gaps of time when I wasn’t in town and wasn’t keeping up religiously with the NBA.

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