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Spurs docuseries episode 1- “99 Championship”

The Ring of the Rowel is now available to watch

New York Knicks vs San Antonio Spurs, 1999 NBA Finals Set Number: X58198 TK2 R28 F26

For starters, if you haven’t seen The Ring of the Rowel yet, episode 1 is available.

The 20-minute documentary video is the first in a series of 50 that will be released this season, commemorating their half-season in the NBA.

Let’s start our week on a positive note with the title that kicked off the dynasty. The first for the Spurs, the accumulation of David Robinson’s leadership, the recognition of Tim Duncan as one of the greatest the sport would see, and the manifestation of the faith of Pop in players like Sean Elliott and Avery Johnson that worked so hard to make that moment happen.


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