Getting my kids excited for Spurs Basketball when we'll lose... a lot

This is a looking for input/advice post. Last year was the first year I really watched much of the NBA for several years. My kids were too young to be into it and watching basketball when I'm really busy already wasn't a good use of my at-home time. But my boys are now 10 and 8 and are getting to the age where they can appreciate the NBA and it's something I do with them. Last year we lost more than we won, but we were at least largely competitive and fun to watch. We don't live in San Antonio (Washington State) so Spurs fandom is something we share together but not something their friends and classmates share. Sometimes there's back and forth with their friends who root for other teams (usually the Blazers), and I feed them ammunition (5 championships vs. 1!). It's a fun thing to share.

Anyway, it took me more than a month before I finally was able to tell them that we traded DJ and I've been trying to prep them for how bad we'll be this year. I still bought League Pass for the Spurs and they are excited to watch Spurs basketball. But I'm worried that all the losing this year will make them lose interest. Any thoughts/advice on how to help them enjoy watching Spurs Basketball this year when we lose 60+ games?

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