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Spurs drop third preseason game to New Orleans Pelicans

It was just that kind of night

New Orleans Pelicans v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

We start by the obvious and recurring reminder that this is the preseason and the games do not count toward the standings. You add in an injury (or DNP) list of the most adept players on the Spurs squad — Devin Vassell, Josh Primo, and Jakpb Poeltl. And finally you put the top draft pick of 2019 (twin towered with Jonas Valanciunas) primarily defended by Jeremy Sochan and Zach Collins.

But Zion Williamson and his eight points were not the issue. Trey Murphy III scoring 13 points in the first frame and 27 overall proved to be more than the Spurs could handle.

That said, the halftime Pelicans lead of 50-44 soon became a tied game at 52 apiece early in the quarter. The Pelicans then went on a 25-5 run that kept the Spurs in their rearview for the remainder of the game.

The entire game, save a four or five minute run, was competitive and could have come down to the wire.

I want to go on record as saying Zion Williamson may be this generation’s Charles Barkley. Both are/were amazing power forwards.

And Zion’s got Barkley’s intense stare (which he displayed last night after an offensive foul call)...

Detroit Pistons v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images
Phoenix Suns v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

He also possesses that animated smile...

Detroit Pistons v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images
Phoenix Suns Photo by Chris Covatta/NBAE via Getty Images

And, like Barkley, Williamson will retire without winning an NBA Championship.

Sorry, Pelicans fans, y’all can have your preseason game, we’ll keep our five titles.

Just kidding, but after sitting behind some exuberant New Orleans fans for the entirety of the game, I was ready to throw some shade.

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