PSA: List of teams that actually have first round draft picks to trade in '23 or '24

Now that we are officially a rebuilding team, we will no doubt be the subject of many trade rumors, and at least a few of those might even be plausible. To help to separate the wheat from the chaff, here are a list of teams (other than ourselves) that can actually trade a first round draft pick of some sort in the next two years (governed by the Stepian rule):

ATL: 2023, 2024 (SAC 15-30 only)

CHA: 2023 (DEN 15-30 only)

CHI: 2023 (POR 15-30 only)

HOU: 2023, 2024

IND: 2023, 2024

MEM: 2023, 2024

MIA: 2023

NOP: 2023, 2024

NYK: 2023, 2024

OKC: 2023, 2024

ORL: 2023, 2024

PHI: 2023

PHO: 2023, 2024

TOR: 2023, 2024

UTA: 2023

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