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Spurs “what if” moments

Reimagining some of the Spurs most controversial moments

Lakers v Spurs Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It’s here! October has begun, the leaves are changing the weather is cooling (okay, none of that is happening down here in southwest Texas), but October does keep one promise this year — Spurs basketball is back. If you are counting the day until tip off (nineteen), then you know we are just weeks away from all kinds of new discussions to have.

Until then, one more look back at some old moments.

A friend shared a text conversation he was having about some Spurs moments that could have gone a different way. We will pull these relics back out of the mothballs and discuss them over the next week.

A few-

  • Derrick Fisher’s 0.4 shot,
  • Ray Allen’s corner 3,
  • Zaza doesn’t slip his foot under Kawhi Leonard.

There are a few more. Each day we’ll discuss the situation, what it meant to the Spurs, and how the tables might have turned had things changed ever so slightly.

Fee free to add events you think should be discussed into the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

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