Derrick White for John Collins?

There has been some smoke about the Spurs having interest in John Collins and the Hawks (and others) having interest in Derrick White. I really like Derrick White and would be sad if we trade him, but John Collins (the player, not sure about character issues) is someone who really fits well into some massive holes we have. According to ESPN trade machine, the below trade doesn't quite work (the Hawks would need to cut another 500k from salary, but either by pulling in another team or tacking someone on, the teams could make this work if they were motivated). I'm curious what you all think - would you do it? Would the Hawks?

Spurs Trade: Derrick White, Thaddeus Young, Protected Bulls 1st round Pick (not sure what the protection is or what year)

Hawks Trade: John Collins

If you don't think the Hawks would do the trade as is, how much draft compensation would you be willing to add? What I've read is that they want a starter and a valuable pick. I can't imagine us giving away next year's pick w/o protections, but maybe a deal could be had here the Bulls' pick and maybe some seconds (of which we have several). If you don't like the trade as is, do you think there's a way to make it work for us (that the Hawks would still do)?

What do you think?

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