Thankful for the PTR Writers

I follow the Spurs, but my closest team as the crow flies is the Timberwolves. They are a lot of fun to watch this year and ANT is going to be something amazing for many years.

BUT the hardest part of following the Wolves is reading the articles produced at Canis Hoopus. This article discussing the win over the Knicks, rhymes. That's right there is non stop Rhyming through the entire article. Check out these gems.

"they began the game in a hurry, burying threes in a flurry like the brothers Curry."

"led by Patrick Beverly’s propensity for intensity, their canine defense hounded, pounded, astounded and confounded the Knicks "

"Malik Beasley, who’s been making Wolves fans temperamental with play that has been detrimental"

All of this makes me so thankful for all of the writers we have here. Thad, Marylyn. Jesus, Jeph, Zach, Bruno and the rest. You do a great job.

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