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Reebok to release Kamikazi II “Siesta” sneakers

Reebok is bringing back Shawn Kemp’s famous Kamikazi II’s with a San Antonio twist.

Few NBA players have been more athletic than Seattle Supersonics forward Shawn Kemp. Nicknamed “The Reign Man” by the Seattle broadcasting crew for his “reigning” over his opponents, Kemp became known for his high-flying exploits and ferocious rim attacks. His partnership with point guard Gary Payton played a huge part in turning Seattle into one of the best teams of the 90s, culminating in an NBA Finals performance in 1996 against the 72-10 Bulls, a series in which Kemp averaged 23 and 10 on 55% shooting.

One of the most popular players during the 90s, Kemp found himself in a position to pick up his share of endorsements. The most famous (and lucrative) of these was his deal with Reebok, a collaboration that ended messily, but resulted in more than one classic silhouette. The most famous of them, the Kamikazi II, is due to be retroed in the near future in a colorway that is reminiscent of the Spurs’ Fiesta colors. The Spurs themselves even took to social media to show off pictures of the colorway, which is officially being referred to by Reebok as “Siesta”:

No official release date has been given yet, but the belief is that they’re coming before the end of the year with a retail price of $120.

Would anyone rock these? Let me know!

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