How Are Y'all Watching SAS Games in SA Next Season?

I recently moved back to San Antonio after years of being away from the Great 210. Over the years abroad I streamed games thru NBA League Pass (or other less scrupulous means...) In preparation for the 2021/22 season, I was shocked to find out just how inaccessible/expensive it is to get access to the regular season. By my count, there's only a handful of ways to get Bally Sports SW (RIP Fox Sports SW) - most involve outrageous $90/month TV packages. I'm seriously considering getting a League Pass and a VPN to avoid local blackouts and not having to deal with the headaches of "overseas streams." I figure that'll probably run about $150 for the season all together.

Have any of y'all figured out a better way to watch our beloved Spurs in San Antonio? Maybe it's time I go all in - get season tickets and just watch recapped road games. Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated. GSG

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