Derrick White is the Spur's Best Player

There are so many stats that Derrick leads the Spurs in that this would be a long post if I tried to mention every statistic this would be a very long post, so I'll just mention the two most important stats:

1. Derrick attempts more 3's per 36 min than any other Spur, except Brynn Forbes. The Spurs were last in the NBA in three point attempts last season.

2. In the 3 years that Derrick has been in the rotation, he has started 107 games. Over that 3 year period, the Spurs were 63-44 when he started and they were 50-68 when Derrick did not start In each of the three years, the Spurs had a winning record when Derrick started and a losing record when he didn't.

A healthy Derrick, starting all year, makes the Spurs a playoff team.

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