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Josh Primo signs his first big endorsement with Nike

It’s been a lucrative summer for the Spurs rookie.

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2021 Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

It has been quite a summer for rookie Josh Primo. Not only did the Spurs surprise him and rest of the basketball word by selecting the 18-year-old 12th overall in the draft, but it has been lucrative as well. He signed his first NBA contract, got a chance to show at the bare minimum that he might be worth the risk with an intriguing Summer League showing, got his NBA rookie card, and now he has signed his first big endorsement with Nike. According to Jeff Garcia of KENS5:

“He’s a Nike athlete officially now,” said Primo’s agent Todd Ramasar. “He’ll be wearing more Nikes on the floor as well as some of those exclusive Jordans.”

“It was a natural fit for him,” Ramasar said. “Josh has worn Nikes. He’s comfortable in them. It was a good fit.”

He joins some elite company with Nike, as several of the NBA’s top players are Nike athletes, and who knows? Maybe someday Primo will have his own signature shoe. (One suggestion: if you’re a collector, it might be a good time to buy low on his rookie card; it could become valuable someday if he reaches his full potential and becomes the star the Spurs believe he can. If there’s any team one can trust to reach for the stars in the draft and succeed, it’s the Spurs.)